Zamir Javer On The Value Of Local SEO To Small Companies

zamir javer

Local SEO is simply optimization that is focused on obtaining optimum results in a pre-defined local market.  Zamir Javer is convinced that small companies and most professional service businesses cannot do without local SEO.

Small businesses and professional practices often offer service only to people within a reasonable distance from its base of operations.  Their prospective clients also would feel a lot more secure dealing face to face with a local service provider. After all, why would a man hire the services of a lawyer based across the country?

For Digital Marketing purposes, this means that prospective clients would most likely add their geographic locations in their search string when using the big search engines.  For this reason generalized SEO rankings are most often meaningless and high Local SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, or even Google maps yield the best results.  One other benefit is that you less likely to receive an inquiry from Siberia, unless you live there of course.

Getting optimal local SEO results would involve knowing your competition, using optimized keywords, web titles and meta tags, search engine submissions, registration in local listings, loading SEO content, quality links with other sites, and a lot more.  On top of all these, SEO results should be periodically analyzed and methods adjusted to conform to evolving search engine algorithms and rules.

Zamir Javer suggests that even if people who own small businesses and professional service firms have the ability to manage their local SEO strategies themselves, their time is too precious.  Investing in the services of digital marketing experts is the way to go.

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