Malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia offer legal assistance

Every child deserves a healthy start in life. Sadly, improper medical care during childbirth can result in lifelong injuries to children. If you are a Philadelphia area resident who has had a family member subject to a childbirth injury, you should consult with malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia to understand if you have a legal claim.

Birth injuries can put an enormous emotional and physical burden on families. Parents may need to provide medical treatments, physical therapy, or special schooling for their injured children. However, if birth injuries arose due to medical incompetence or negligence, a malpractice lawyer may be able to recover compensation for these costs for Philadelphia families.

malpractice lawyers in philadelphia

In birth injury cases, parents may be able to file a medical malpractice suit against the doctor who delivered their child. Birth injuries can arise when a physician improperly uses forceps or a vacuum to aid the birthing process. In addition, if a physician does not order a Caesarian section when fetal distress occurs, this can also be grounds for medical malpractice. Also, if a doctor fails to identify hypoxia, which arises when a child’s brain is not receiving enough oxygen, serious medical and developmental disabilities can occur, which may lead to a viable medical malpractice claim.

To construct a malpractice case, Philadelphia lawyers can review medical records to determine if doctors followed appropriate procedures during labor and delivery. They can also engage medical experts to assess of whether medical malpractice did occur. If so, your family may be able to recover compensation for your losses.