Law firm SEO is necessary for law firms who want to rank 1st in Google

Law Firm SEO Expands Your Horizons

law firm seo

In this modern world ruled by computers and the internet, lawyers now see the benefits of a strong internet and social media presence.  But behind all the hype about how the times have changed, you will find that the basics have remained the same.  Effective law firm SEO merely expands the reach of what you had before, and makes it dangerously more permanent as well.

Your website replaces the signboard above the door, the newspaper, tv and radio ads.  Where old ads are limited by airing time, print date, and location, a website is available 24/7 anywhere in the world there is internet connection.  That being the case, you must ensure that your site presents a very positive picture of your practice.  It must be comfortingly useful and convey confident competence.  Ensuring the quality of both your links and your content goes a long way toward attracting clients.

Word of mouth advertising has been replaced by new internet and social media concepts like online comments, likes, tweets, re-tweets, and reviews.  Maintaining a good online reputation necessitates constant monitoring of what others say about you.  Google and Yahoo have alerts that find web content that mentions your law practice.  Tweeter has a find feature that allows you to search for posts that mention your business.  You need to be responsive to genuine comments and deal with posts that tend smear your firm’s reputation.

While using the internet and social media have many benefits, there are also cases of misuse and abuse that may adversely affect your practice.  Exercising due diligence in selecting content and monitoring comments about your practice go a long way towards maximizing all the positive aspects of law firm SEO tools.