Top Five Things You Should Know About the New Managed Services Program from APC

The new managed services calgary program from APC is an all-inclusive offering aimed at redefining APC’s conventional transactional partner program. With their new program, the power management company is providing what it terms as a ‘holistic approach’ to managed services. The company integrates its impressive SMART-UPS power monitoring and management into managed services platforms such as AVG, Kaseya, N-able by Solarwinds and ConnectWise. These platforms facilitate partners with the capability of monitoring an installed base of over 3 million APC Smart-UPS devices.


The program also includes the following:

  • Market development funds
  • 8% discount for the bundling APC Smart-UPS
  • Managed services certification
  • A network card
  • 1-3 year extended warranty

Here are the 5 things you must know about the new program from APC:

1. Driving Power Management Recurring Revenue
The new program is squarely targeted at assisting providers of strategic services to tap into the power management services market. The market is five times greater compared to the stand-alone UPS hardware market. Using the new program, partners will be able to multiply their businesses by 5 times. Often, network closets sit idle, not being watched. Suddenly, users realize that the UPS isn’t working. With the program, partners will be able to manage their UPS, life cycle management, battery opportunities and upgrade opportunities.

2. Managed Services Providers Platform Integration

With its holistic approach, APC has integrated into major managed service provider platforms. One of the program’s main keys is to ensure that strategic providers are able to integrate the offerings seamlessly into their managed services practices. APC has revamped all aspects of their new program in order to fuel managed services offensive including:

  • Financing options
  • New incentives
  • Certifications
  • MSP Support hotline

3. The New Managed Services Incentives

The new APC’s program brings with it recurring revenue services points with bonus for effective management of Smart-UPS devices. Under the iRewards bonus points program, partners get 2,500 points for the net new devices managed. They also get 500 points for the current devices. Additionally, the company is extending terms through distributors for sixty days up from thirty days. The extension will assist strategic service providers to increase cash flow.

4. A Grand Strategic Services Roadmap

The program is the maiden step towards a highly ambitious managed services product/services roadmap. Partners can expect more and more remote management and monitoring (RMM) integrations. The company also intends to expand the services of the new program with a new IoT (Internet of Things) functionality in the impending days and this is a great opportunity for partners. The important road map aspirations shall further adapt APC’s business in order to align with business models of partners. The company is also looking at an array of connected devices. What the company is aiming at is to enable partners to monetize everything..

5. APC’s New Beginning

The formal launch of APC’s new program marks the beginning of a new era. For the past two years, the company has been laying the foundation for strategic service provider offensive. January 2015 saw the efforts to launch the managed services program kick into high gear. According to the company’s management, the best is to yet come. The managers opine that the development of best ideas is something APC is highly committed to.

APC’s new managed services program will surely change the way partners handle and manage things.