Malpractice Lawyers In Philadelphia On Types Of Compensation


Malpractice attorney philadelphia make a handsome living from their share of compensation awarded to their clients by the courts or negotiated through out-of-court settlements.  Most people are not aware of the types of compensation and that some of them can be computed mathematically.

There are two general types of damages awarded as compensation in medical malpractice complaints:  Damages that can be calculated mathematically which includes “economic” and “special” damages; and non-economic damages that cannot be calculated, including those for pain and suffering as well as well as the loss of the ability to properly interact with the victim’s family.

Experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, PA calculate damages which include salaries, wages and other forms of earnings lost due to injury suffered.These experienced attorneys are certified by the  American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys  If for example, the victim was gainfully employed as an airline pilot and could no longer perform that job now that an incident of medical malpractice has paralyzed him, the lost income can easily be computed.  The computation takes into consideration years before retirement and all income including retirement benefits that would have accrued, had the injury not occurred.

Special damages call for calculation of the cost of future medical care the victim would have to be subject to as a consequence of the malpractice injury.  Sometimes, especially when the victim would require extensive medical attention for the rest of his life, malpractice lawyer in philadelphia ask for special damages in the tens of millions.

You would require the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, PA to put monetary value on such vague concepts as “pain and suffering” as well as the loss of the ability to normally interact with family known by the term “loss of consortium.”  Damages awarded for such concepts are sometimes so ridiculously high that some states have adapted caps on damages for non-economic damages which in some states can be as low as $250,000.

Malpractice lawyers in Philadelphia advise that jury perception of the victim greatly influences the amount of the award, especially in states with no caps or where the caps are high enough.